Odor & Wastewater Chemical

Most factory have environmental problems in "Odor" & "Wastewater"
Especially ,Water shortage is big problem in Asia and Southeast Asia.

For Odor solution

1. Deodorant spray (For all industries) 


2. Hybrid scrubber (For strong odor)
Scrubber system of Oxidation function water

By Technology of Kyosei Air Techno Co.,Ltd

The oxidation function water is a deodorizer that adds H2O2 or
NaClO to ozone water, promotes decomposition reaction with ozone, and uses it.
Decomposition reaction of ozone divides from the state that three oxygen atoms unite into two
uniting oxygen molecules and oxygen and hydroxyl radical
This oxygen and hydroxyl radical reacts with odor component and oxidation reaction is done.

3. Zeogaia ceramic filter (For food factory)

For Kitchen exhaust & food factory. Actual results(Ceramic filter): For food factory : over 150 unit

4. Bacteria killer (For wastewater)


5. Levion O2 cluster (For room)