Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement during sterilization


  To check whether the drinking water has reached the temperature required for sterilization in the pasteurizer, you can measure temperature by using our "Compact thermologger" and "Waterproof box" and "Temperature probe for bottles and PET bottles".

  By using a compact thermologger installed in a waterproof box and temperature probe, the temperature of a plastic bottle filled with drinking water on moving belt conveyor in the past riser can be measured, and you can see checking how chenging temperature of real drinking water.

Heat-resistant box / Waterproof box


 Waterproof box for protecting the Compact Thermologger.
 Can store bottles and plastic bottles.

 Heat-resistant box / Waterproof box


Model Heat-resistant box

Waterproof box

TB-6002E / TB-6002K

TB-6003-SP13E / TB-6003-SP13K

(for the container to φ98mm)

Corresponding model (AM-8000series/AM-7000series) 6ch
Channel 6ch
Use limit (temperature) 300°C 100°C
Use limit (time) -20°C 240min 120min
100°C 120min 60min
150°C 60min -
200°C 50min -
250°C 40min -
300°C 20min -
Input connector Terminal block ANP
Dimensions (W×D×H) 320(W)×250(D)×190(H)(mm) 205(W)×405(D)×155(H)(mm)
Weight App.10kg App.8kg


*in Type denotes the type of thermocouple (E or K)

* The above products are sold separately. Please contact us for more information.


Temperature Probes for Liquid filled in plastic bottle (Custom order)

PB-3D1-A-28S(0~150°C)(Custom Order)

An example

for Preheat temperature control

for Brake pad
for Liquid filled in plastic bottle


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